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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:26 pm    Post subject: Christian Brothers Full Movie In Hindi Download

Christian Brothers Full Movie In Hindi Download

Christy (Mohan Lal) is framed for killing the kidnapper of the home minister's daughter while trying to save her and now he has to prove his innocence to his father.
Christian Brothers is a mass masala entertainer with a complex story extending for three hours,but a theme which is seen a lot before. Film reminds of some Suresh Gopi movies of 1990's and 2000's like Vazhunnor,but this time with a bit more style and panache.Veteran director Joshiy and Script-writers Udhayan-Sibi has done an o.k job,but doesnot present anything different and has gone with the conventional track.

Some -ves:::Lengthy narration,Lagging first half,choreography of the songs,Suraj's over acting etc.

Some +ves::Good performances from the leads,Trendy music etc.

Performances::Mohanlal entertains his fans with trendy punches and mannerisms.The best among the four is Suresh Gopi,who is back in his fiery,police avatar,what he does the best.Sharath Kumar is the handsome macho among the four.His role may feel like an extended cameo,but comes at the twisty junctures of the story.Dileep is set aside into his signature humour,but has one among the most important roles.Actresses like Kaniha and Kavya is not utilized in the movie.

Music by Deepak Dev is peppy and entertaining,but the songs are picturised awkwardly.

VERDICT::A high voltage,but age-old family drama with some good lead performances-enjoyable by the masses,not for the critics. My Rating::6.5/10
Inspite of the Malayalam movie industry keeping deliciously low standards in recent times, this masterpiece begs the dictionary for new adjectives to describe the rotten substandardness that it is. Agonizing and coma inducing are two words that come to your mind as the onslaught of a succession of "superstars" bombard your brain. Somewhere during the movie, the ugly fetus of a story rears it's head, only to squished by Lal's bulk. A permanent black mark to the film industry, the communal title also deserves special mention. I end this review with an appeal to the audience to shun such movies, so as to force the industry to revamp their standards!


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